Rust-Conversion-Type Rust Prevention and Corrosion Prevention Systems: Red Rust is converted to Black Rust(Magnetite:Fe3O4).

A solvent-free two-component special epoxy resin agent with a reducing function for converting red rust to black rust (magnetite:Fe3O4)Epoxy resin and rust-converter are integrated. Patent pending.

Prevent CR is a solvent-free two-component special epoxy resin rust prevention and corrosion prevention agent. It penetrates rust layers of steel and converts red rust into chemically stable black rust (magnetite:Fe3O4). It exhibits superb film properties characteristic of epoxy resin bases, including adhesion, chemical resistance, water resistance and salt water resistance.

PreventCR | Applications |
  • Storage tanks, piping and other equipment in oil, gas and chemical plants. It is particularly effective in preventing salt damage.
  • Corrosion prevention of any iron and steel materials, including those utilized on transmission towers, power plants, bridges, and metal roofs of factories and gymnasiums.
  • Injection in the steel plate winding method for reinforcing piers of bridges.
  • Corrosion prevention of salt corrosions of ships, harbor facilities, etc.
  • Crack repair and corrosion prevention of metal in reinforced concrete.
As a sealant
As Prevent CR has a low viscosity, it can be easily injected, and it easily penetrates into cracks and voids.

Steel inside concrete is normally protected from corrosion. However, if carbonation of the concrete advances, corrosion of the steel in the concrete may progress unnoticed, eventually leading to a sudden failure accident at the foundations. With the use of Prevent CR, corrosion prevention can be achieved below ground. In case of corrosion on the inner side of a pipe, Prevent CR may be injected intothe pipe through a hole made in the pipe above the ground to rustproof and also reinforce the pipe.

Rust that occurred on the bottom of a steel structure of a concrete foundation can be rust proofed by injecting Prevent CR.

Prevent CR is a solvent-free two-component special epoxy resin sealant.
This sealant forms a resin layer that has excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, water resistance and salt water resistance, all being features characteristic of epoxy resin. The sealant penetrates rust layers of steel and converts rust into black rust (chemically stable magnetite). Prevent CR can be injected by the conventional injection method to fill void and simultaneously rustproof inner metal reinforcements and stop the inner metal reinforcements from swelling due to rusting and in turn prevent concrete from exploding.
As a primer
When red rust occurs, steel materials will corrode. Rust inhibiting coating is applied to prevent this from occurring. With the conventional coatings, however, it takes much trouble and time to arrive at the finish coating.
However with the use of Prevent CR , steps ranging from rust inhibiting coating to intermediate coating can be completed using Prevent CR in a series of stages, namely, penetrating into red rust , forming thin film of black rust, and fixing with epoxy resin. After removing loose rust, Prevent CR can be applied to the rust layer even if it is in a wet condition.

PreventCR | Advantages |

Safe working environment
It contains no heavy metal such as lead and chrome.
It is solvent-free. It contains no organic solvents such as xylene and toluene.
It simplifies rust removing works and significantly reduces dispersion of dust.

Good adhesion and rust prevention
Prevent CR exhibits enhanced adhesion for integrating separate concrete bodies and for bonding to rusting steel surface. It also exhibits enhanced rust prevention.
(Tensile bond strength on rusting surface:34.3kgf/cm2)

No shrinkage
As it contains no volatile substances such as solvent, it does not produce any shrinking, for example, during curing.

Addition of rust conversion function
It has function of penetrating easily into rust layers of steel and converting rust into chemically stable magnetite (Fe3O4).

After curing, it exhibits excellent performance in water resistance, durability and chemical resistance.

Simple surface preparation and good performance in adhesion and rust prevention
Simple surface preparation of type 3 is needed. (Treat the entire surface with the tool to remove degraded film. Remove loose rust from iron substrate with wire brush. Carefully remove oil and dust.) Prevent CR forms an epoxy resin film with good adhesion and rust prevention.

Free of lifting (separation between substrate and old coating film)

Conventional coatings contain a significant amount of a strong solvent for better workability.
However the solvent evaporates during curing of the film causing shrinkage of the pure coating film, and tends to dissolve old coating film. This phenomenon is called lifting of the old film. Prevent CR is free from lifting as shown below.
Two-component curing-reaction ,
and solvent-free coating .
No film shrinkage during film curing reaction .
Virtually no lifting of old coating film .
Interface adhesive failure between Prevent CR film and the old coating film is very unlikely.

Rationalization of Coating Process
When used in repair works of a conventional heavy duty coating, Prevent CR shortens the process and the duration of work.
Prevent method Conventional rust prevention method
prevent method
conventional method
PreventCR | Coating Properties |

Name Prevent CR s(for summer) Prevent CR w(for winter)
Base resin Curring agent Base resin Curring agent
Principal constituents Epoxy resin Modified
Epoxy resin Modified
(proportion by weight)
Base resin : curing agent=2:1
Hue clear
Specific gravity 1.2±0.1
Viscosity 2000±1000
Curing time
(set to touch)
24 hours
pot life 50 minutes
Volume 6 kg set (base resin 4kg and curing agent 2kg )

PreventCR | Coating Specification |

Process Treatment of
coating name
Standard film
between coat
Remove loose rust and degraded film( Surface Preparation of type 3).
Carefully remove nil and dust
Under coating Prevent CR 120 g/m2 117 μm 24 hours to
Top coating Top coating (to be selected according to the intended use)      

PreventCR | Instructions |

1.Mixing and Stirring
  • Promptly mix the base resin and the curing agent in the proportion of two parts base resin to one part curing agent, and thoroughly stir the mixture before use.
  • If the ambient temperature is 20゜C or over ,the resin temperature may rise abnormally, causing too rapid curing.
    Take extra care. To avoid rise in the resin temperature, transfer the mixture into a shallow vessel. It is also advisable to prepare the mixture in a small amount at a time and see how it works.

  • As to surface preparation, remove loose rust degraded film on the surface to be coated (surface preparation of type 3),and carefully remove oil and dust
  • Secure a film thickness of from 100 to 120 μm.
  • Keep away from rain and water before curing.
  • The coating cannot be applied when ambient temperature is 5゜C or less.
  • Never use solvent to dilute the coating.

3.Storage and Handling
  • Keep both the base resin and the curing agent in a cool and dark space.
  • As for handling, refer to “Instructions for Use of Epoxy Resin Coatings” and take extra care for health and safety protection.