Rust-Conversion-Type Rust Prevention and Corrosion Prevention Systems: Red Rust is converted to Black Rust(Magnetite:Fe3O4).

This solvent-free one-component inorganic rust-prevention and corrosion-prevention coating with reducing function converts red rust to black rust(magnetite:Fe3O4)

Prevent CR Cera is a solvent-free one-component inorganic rust prevention andcorrosion prevention coating. It prevention rust layers of steel, converting red rust into chemically stable black rust(magnetite:Fe3O4). It exhibits superb film properties characteristic of inorganic systems, including weather resistance, heat resistance, adhesion, chemical resistance, water resistance and salt water resistance.

PreventCR CERA | Applications |
  • Storage tanks, piping and other equipment in oil, gas and chemical plants. It is particularly effective in preventing salt damage.
  • Corrosion prevention for any iron and steel materials, including those utilized on transmission towers, power plants, bridges, and metal roots of factories and gymnasiums.
  • Maintenance and repair of hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Prevention of corrosion due to salt on ships, harbor facilities, etc.
PreventCR CERA | Advantages |

Safe working environment
It contains no heavy metals such as lead and chrome.
It is solvent-free. It contains no organic solvents such as xylene and toluene.
It simplifies de-rusting work and significantly reduces dispersion of dust.

Addition of rust conversion function
It has an added function of easily penetrating into rust layers of steel and converting rust into chemically stable magnetite(Fe3O4). With this function its corrosion prevention is significantly higher than conventional rust inhibiting coatings.

Weather resistance and heat resistance
As it is an inorganic coating(film of alkoxysilane compound and –Si-O-Si-O- bond), it exhibits excellent performance in weather resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, durability and chemical resistance after curing.

Simple surface preparation and good performance in adhesion and rust prevention
Simple surface preparation of type 3 is needed.(treat the entire surface with the tool to remove degraded film. Remove loose rust from iron substrate with wire brush. Carefully remove oil and dust.) Prevent CR Cera forms an inorganic film with good adhesion and rust prevention.

Free of lifting(separation between substrate and old coating)
Conventional coatings contain a significant amount of strong solvent for better workability. However, during curing of the film the solvent evaporates, causes shrinkage of the pure coating film, and this tends to dissolve old coating film. This phenomenon is called lifting of the old film. Prevent CR Cera is free from lifting.

Rationalization of Coating Process
The process and the duration of repair work on a conventional heavy duty coating can be shortened.
Prevent method Conventional rust prevention method
prevent method
conventional method
PreventCR CERA | Coating Properties |

Name Prevent CR CERA(silver) Prevent CR CERA(clear)
Main component Alkoxyilane compound
aluminium powder
Alkoxysilane compound
Specific gravity 1.2±0.1 1.1±0.1
Viscosity 300 20
Curing time It takes about 4 weeks to exhibit performance
Volume 17 kg can

PreventCR CERA | Coating Specification |

Process Treatment of
coating name
Standard film
between coat
Remove loose rust and degraded film( Surface Preparation of type 3).
Carefully remove nil and dust
Top coating
also sewing for
rust prevention
Prevent CR
150 g/m2

50 μm over


PreventCR CERA | Instructions |

  • Stir thoroughly before use

  • As to surface preparation, remove loose rust degraded film on the surface to be coated (surface preparation of type 3),and carefully remove oil and dust
  • Secure a film thickness of from 50 to 75μm.
  • Keep away from rain and water before curing.
  • The coating cannot be applied when ambient temperature is 5゜C or less.
  • Never use solvent to dilute the coating.

3.Storage and Handling
  • Store the coating in cool and dark space.
  • Dangerous good classification of the coating is the hazardous material class4, class 2 petroleum (non-water-soluble)under the Fire Defense Law.
  • Alcohol (methanol)is generated daring curing reaction.
  • Flash point is 54.6゜C.
  • As for handling, refer to “Instructions for Use” and take extra care for health and safety protection.